Sunday, June 12, 2016

Come home, Americans

The always-on news media is in hyper-drive today. From FOX to CNN and beyond, they are blaming religion, guns, ISIS, and everything else they can drag out, save for one issue. It's a verbal assault on any moving target of the hour - everything and everybody except for the one and only person who is nearly the quietest and most to blame - President Barack Obama, the Commander-in-Chief.

And why not? There are lots of people who dislike him. The press is afraid to expose the dirty wars Obama has waged against all the innocent people who have been killed as collateral damage in his five-year failed escapade to get the bad guys. The military-industrial complex corporate and and PAC monies have flowed like the Nile, and the forgotten stream of the unknown and innocent dead are becoming almost biblical in proportion. They die daily all over the world without notice, and their relatives become our enemies for life. Eventually, the relatives appear on our expanded target lists, Obama's gift to America as new Muslim families bury their innocent dead, along with those who were  the targets. The press argues unrelated, unimportant diversionary subjects like Sharia law, the ease of getting weapons, the FBI investigation of the endless new minutia, the need for a "plan" for attack, and worst of all, what clueless politicians have to say about it. Ad nauseum.

In all the babble, I have yet to hear three sentences that indicate that any of them realize what the problem really is.

The problem is us, and our denial of the truth that we must now face. Obama has led us like orphans down this road. We have left our military troops and weapons all over the world, in order that the president can carry out his little daily dirty war of targeted assassinations. So, it is thus that we are now made to pay.

The solution is not necessarily simple nor complicated. But at the crux, we must totally withdraw our troops from every Muslim country on all continents. All of them. Let's drop the T-wall and the Forward Force mentality which is now killing our own innocent people. Terrorists come from somewhere for a reason, don't they? Now you know why they do. They hate us because we are there. Those are the words spoken by the only politician with enough guts to state them this year: Rand Paul.

Bring our troops home, now! Let the arguments begin over that issue, and I will start to believe that Americans are finally coming to their senses.

I will dream about those dead tonight and the sad cellphones ringing in their pockets as the forensic technicians entered the place, and I will pray that the country finally focuses and holds its president accountable for his dispicable decisions.

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