Saturday, April 30, 2016

Will the Real Bernie please stand up?

The whole country is bonkers, and it’s still months away from the first Tuesday in November. I’ve never seen time fly by slower, and the country more manic, confused and beaten down. Especially manic are those of us boomers old enough to still hate socialists, if that’s our thing. I happen to be one of the hated, but I'm liking the oligarchs more and more these days.

Why? I got bamboozled by Bernie. It looks like we have yet another Senator's sword lurking behind the red flag in the bullfight.

I used to like Bernie Sanders, but now I wonder which version is him. After reading recently about his checkered past in a 1999 article, Bernie the Bomber’s Bad Week by Sanders' Vermont contemporary, Will Miller (who died of cancer in 2005), I have some serious reservations about his character. Sanders surely abandoned the socialist creed he says he espouses now, and it gives me pause: is he not really in some sort of Washington beltway deal with the corporation Clintons? Probably not, but in this season, who can say for sure? You most certainly will never see much of this in the press.

Sanders' volunteer call system (which I stupidly helped, in addition to donating) is probably filled with the data he received from the supposed inadvertent data breach he had into the DNC Clinton database back in December. Maybe Hillary was lovingly behind the breach after all. The massive amount of money Sanders now receives from the love and the suckers of all sorts is going almost exclusively to ads and rallies. Sanders has yet to even purchase a full version of the Slack software which underpins a considerable part of the calling system he uses. One old article in a Vermont independent newspaper dubs him, El Cheapo, pronouncing "...some things never change: Bernie Sanders is still a cheapskate."

The cliquey "NOT ME - US " chorus of callers is just clueless. That's OK; they are mostly all really nice people. The paid operatives are more secretive and secluded than anyone I ever knew in Iraq. They are getting rich, fast. I could name them, but who cares? They exist.

With egg all over my investigative face, I have been remiss in not researching this probable purveyor of phony baloney before I jumped on board. As usual in Washington, the PACmasters and OZland wizards are fast at work. I also find it interesting that Sanders' 98 percent voting record with the Democrats is better than many of his Democratic Senate colleagues. But he sat in the remote, supposedly independent corner of the House for years, apparently in masquerade for when he would be needed by his Democratic operatives. If he wins this nomination, my name is Ronald Reagan. He probably is in there to do a front end load for any Republican who may attack the woman who as Secretary of State helped give away a third of America's uranium production to the Russians. Oh well. Stranger things have happened in American politics - but not too much stranger than this.

Please read those links. They are an eye opener.

Regarding Trump, I'm a little concerned I haven’t been able to buy enough popcorn to digest him yet. He’s like Chinese food, as they say. You can eat a plate full and be hungry again in 60 minutes. I’m sure there are plenty of liberals and neocons who disagree; they just hate him. I don’t. He opens mouth and inserts foot, but no one seems to mind. He is not a politician - just a billionaire despicable misogynist developer. But Donald is not beholden to PAC money and party politics, except for a couple of advisors he recently hired from the ranks of the PAC firms in DC. You just can't get away from the slime when you go to DC, can you? No one would ever accuse Trump as being as pure as the driven snow, but as for Bernie Sanders....well the pedestal has been raised to new heights for him. When you get that high and mighty by deception, the fall is always more abrupt and hurtful to all.

But who am I to judge? I got snookered like millions of others. These times are probably necessary for some grander purpose, and I was always a lousy student of history, even though I have recently tried to bulk up on that diet, a little at a time. In the meantime, remember, words are cheap. Check history if you really want to know.

Onward, Americans. It's no time for reflection. If anyone has a line on this election, he or she would be wise to discard it. All bets are off.