Monday, April 4, 2016

We Might Be Nitwits, but We’re Battle Ready

This is a May 2016 update.....

Forget the freeze dried food. The new illusion has landed, and we're holstering a cellphone and a sidearm. It’s Cartel Land North and Déjà vu-OZ, wrapped-up and PAC-packaged, all over again. These days, survivalists of all stripes here on the border and elsewhere cling to cellphones and sidearms for their survival. That’s how bad the paranoia has grown all over the country. I’m not sure whether it is Trump who is pumping up the populace from his high rise suite 2000 miles away, or the likes of Chris Matthews gagging for words about a little altercation from his perch above the crowd at some Trump event. Some old man sucker punced a rowdy protester being escorted out of the arena.

One thing is certain. People are upping the amps in a wholesale frenzy over the presidential election babble and bombast bursting in air. It’s really working for the press too. Everyone can find something to get angry about. We are all hooked. If Jesus Himself were still around, he’d be belting out a verse of “Onward Christian Soldiers”, shaking his sword in the living room, checking his twitters and cleaning his Colt.

In retrospect, it’s too bad we didn’t take Osama alive so we could interview him. I’d like to hear his take on us now. He would probably be smiling at the manic state of the American public. “I really did win” would surely be written all over his smug, bearded face. And he would be right.

The whole country is bonkers, and it’s still months away from the first Tuesday in November. I’ve never seen time fly by slower, and the country more manic, confused and beaten down. Especially manic are those of us boomers old enough to still hate socialists, if that’s our thing.

I used to like Sanders, but now I wonder which version is him. After reading about his checkered past in a 1999 article Bernie the Bomber’s Bad Week by Sanders' Vermont contemporary, Will Miller (who died of cancer in 2005), I have some serious reservations about Sanders' character. He surely abandoned the socialist creed he says he espouses now, and it gives me pause as to whether he is in fact not really in some sort of Washington beltway deal with the Clintons. In addition, Sanders call system is probably filled with the data he received from the supposed inadvertent data breach he had into the DNC Clinton database back in May. 

Regarding Trump, I'm a little concerned I haven’t been able to buy enough popcorn to digest him yet. He’s like Chinese food, as they say. You can eat a plate full and be hungry again in 60 minutes. I’m sure there are plenty of liberals and neocons who disagree; they just hate him. I don’t.

But who is anyone to judge? These times are probably necessary for some grander purpose, and I was always a lousy student of history anyway, even though I have recently tried to bulk up on that diet, a little at a time. Onward, Americans. It's no time for reflection.

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