Saturday, May 7, 2016

Obama, the new elitist!

Obama is really starting to piss me off. He thinks everyone is running in lockstep with him because some poll says so. The latest is his condescending pronouncement that people like me ought to regard the election as a serious one, as if we hadn't considered it so.

He is a worse elitist than some of my bloody blue blood ancestors who came from the Boston Brahmin, Salem witch hunt politics, and from German immigrant military officers in pre-Revolutionary times. We have been around this land for a little while longer than the current president.

I can assure President Barack Obama that Donald Trump is actually taking this country a hell of a lot more seriously than he is. The president has turned to a dismissive switch-plate smile politician with a hole in his bell. He's become hollow to the core.

This latest blabber he just dealt from his pussyfoot suit of cards has no import beyond the garbage dock. In 2016, Americans of all political persuasions are sick of pandering identity politics, all perfectly wrapped up in that supercilious thin veil of "serious intent", double-wrapped in the guise of a high profile political wisdom imparted from the Ivy League-educated.

I'll admit it. I have little but contempt left for people like Obama who think that by virtue of position, his words should be spoken as if they were akin to the arrogant Nixonian elocution, spoken as if his words deserved to be simultaneously etched in stone. My two bit response is the same as it was for the Nixon pronouncements: "Screw you, Mr. President!"

I used to actually like this president. No more.

By sticking his nose in the election, Obama has become a disgusting, putrid odor lingering from what used to be the sweet scent of 2008, when he planted the seeds of what we believed would be hope. What a total withering on his own vine, he has become. A shill for Hillary Clinton. It turns my stomach.

After the sleazy Democrat super-delegates steal the election from Sanders, this lifelong Democrat will be voting Trump, and let the chips fall where they may. I expect millions of others feel the same. I'll vote for a reality show Manhattan building developer living on the 54th floor before I vote for more of the same old bozos coming back up the toilet like old turds in different empty suits and skin colors for the last 40 years.

We are overdue for real change. It is time for a new America, and I think Donald has his finger on the pulse of the angry but innocent newborn.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Now what?

Ted Cruz just pulled the plug. He backed off, finally. With the discharge to the sewer, what's next?

Nothing from Cruz, but a lot from Donald. 52.7 percent to Sanders.

OK, be surprised or ignore it. Not important, but go on, be dumb and blind. Not my road.

The biggest question now is what will the Bernie do about it. He has to come out from the fraud of his past. Trump will kill him otherwise. Sanders needs to do it, now.

I do not care how many millions of voters thinks Sanders walks on water; he doesn't. But if he faces facts, he might.